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                     Credit Card RegistrationForm

Name as it appears on card:_                                            ____________           
Address:                                                                                    __________               
Credit Card Type/Account Number:  NO DEBT CARDS
MC                                                                                 _____          
Discover                                                                          ______      
Amex                                                                                  _____      
EXPIRATION DATE _                 PIN#            _ (3 digit on back of card)  (Amex card - 4 digit # on front of card)   Only our State Treasurer, Martha Mitchell, will see this information!!!!
I authorize Florida Sewing Sew-Ciety to charge my credit card for amount of
services plus a handling fee of  $10.00.  Include with registration form. 

Signature                                                                                                     Date   _______________

Mail to:   Martha Mitchell, P O Box 125, Havana, Fl 32333
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